Below is a breakdown of the divisions and what to keep in mind when registering.

Players are typically encouraged to move up a division every year. During the registration process, players will be assigned to an estimated Division based on their ‘baseball age’ but we also value the input of what division they played the previous year as well as parent requests for the division they recommend for their child.

Not sure of your son/daughter’s ‘baseball age’? Use Little League International’s Baseball age calculator to find out.

T-Ball & Rookie

T-Ball (part of the Rally Cap program) – Baseball Age 4-6
If baseball-aged 4, register here. Note: if your child is a young baseball-age 4 please consider their ability when registering. If child is playing for the first time and is baseball-aged 5, register them here. If playing for the first time and baseball-aged 6, can register them here or Rookie. * Note for TeeBall: Your child must turn 4 by March 31 to register for LVLL TeeBall.

Fee: $105.00

Rookie (part of the Rally Cap program)- Baseball Age 5-7
If baseball-aged 5 or 6 and your child can consistently hit a ball that you pitch to them underhand and/or has completed at least one year of T-Ball, you can register them here. If baseball-aged 7 and playing for the first time or may benefit from another year of Rookie, you can register them here. * Note: Baseball age 5 players are encouraged to register for T-Ball unless they are able to consistently hit an underhand pitch.

Fee: $125.00

Single A

Single A – baseball Age 7-8
Focused on fun and the development of basic baseball skills. A pitching machine is introduced and good baseball habits are practiced.  Teams will be created with the intention of allowing school groups and friends to play together.

1 weeknight game/practice, 1 game/practice on Saturday

Fee: $150.00

Minors (AA and AAA)

Players in this division are usually baseball 9 and 10 years old, however some 8 year olds may be accepted if their assessment scores are high enough.

This would be players born between 9/1/2007 and 8/31/2009.    Players born between 5/1/2005 thru 8/31/2007 should register in the Majors section (see below) for assesment there.  There will be baseball 8’s (born between 9/1 2009 and 8/31 2010 who played single A in 2017 year and will want to play AA in 2018.

A draft will take place in tiering this division that will look something like this:

Minors AAA – the top (52) 9 & 10 year olds
Minors AA – the remaining 9 & 10 years

There will be 1-2 practices per week and 1-2 games per week.

Fee: $205.00


After a few years of tiering the Majors division, LVLL has returned to one combined Majors division.

Players in this division level are usually baseball 11 and 12 year olds, however some 10 year olds may be accepted if their assessment scores are high enough. Twelve year olds must play in Majors unless there is a safety issue. All 11 and 10 year old players who are not drafted onto a Majors division team will be required to attend the Minors assessments and will be subsequently drafted onto a Minors AAA team.

Teams in Majors typically practice 1 – 2 times per week and play 2 games per week against other Lynn Valley Little League teams. There are max. 12 players per team, selected by a draft process.

Additionally, LVLL may choose to form a traveling Development Team that will select the best 15-18 players from the Majors division for interlocking games with other Little League Associations on the North Shore and throughout the Lower Mainland. All interested Majors players would be given the opportunity to try out (via assessment) for this team which would practice an additional 1 – 2 times per week and play an additional 1 – 2 games per week. Typically this squad is broken into 3 ‘pods’ of players that rotate practising and playing each week in addition to their Majors house team commitments. 

Fee: $205.00

Juniors and Seniors:

Juniors – Baseball Age 13 – 14
Assessments may take place if warranted by the number of registrants.

Team(s) participate in one of two tiers of a league that includes other Lower Mainland District Leagues. Games are scheduled by District 5.

Fee: $215

Seniors – Baseball Age 15 – 16
Assessments may take place if warranted by the number of registrants.

Games are scheduled by District 5.

Fee: $215